Rotary Kiln
  • Fire Brick
  • Big Gear
  • Nose Ring
  • Pinion Shaft
  • Supporting Wheel & Shaft
  • Shell & Belt
  • Big Gear

Big Gear

Nose Ring

Grate Plate

Link Chain


Support Wheel

Link Chain

Grate Plate Block

Wheel Kiln Seal


Graphite Plate

Cooper Bush

Supporting Set

Nose Ring


Products Range:
1- Grate Cooler Series: Grate Plate, Blind Plate, Hammer…ect
2- Pre-heater Series: Inner Shell Plate, Valve Plate, Discharging Plate…ect
3- Kiln Series: Nose Ring, Discharging Tube…ect
4- Processing acc to drawing: All kinds of Heat-Resistant Material Casting Components